Start Your Own Nonprofit Cat Rescue  

So you've been doing cat rescue "informally" for some time but haven't taken that step to become a recognized nonprofit rescue.  Maybe you're not sure the first steps to take to form a nonprofit, or perhaps daunted by the paperwork involved.  We are by no means experts on setting up nonprofit rescues but we've gone through the process and wish there had been a resource like this available when we went through the start-up.

Resources on step-by-step process of starting your own cat rescue:

How to Start a Nonprofit Animal Rescue

Want to Start an Animal Shelter?

How to Start an Animal Rescue or Other Nonprofit Animal Organization

Resource for forming a nonprofit corporation in Florida:

How to Start a Non-Profit Organization in Florida 

Forming a Nonprofit Corporation in Florida

Edyth Bush Institute for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership 

SCORE Orlando


IRS resource for nonprofits:

Tax Information for Charities and Other Non-Profits

Links to sample Articles of Incorporation and Bylaws and other documents required to form a nonprofit corporation: